Saturday, January 26, 2008

Seidenschwarz update from Tanzania!

We are back in Moshi for a couple of nights enjoying a bit of R and R. We hitched a ride with Tom and Sally Roach yesterday. They are the ELCA reps for this area and came out to our school to visit. The school also had a group of 26 folks from Nebraska for lunch--that synod heavily supports the church here in Tanzania--they are a sister synod. Technically the Lutheran Hotel here was filled, but when we arrived and told them we were from Mwika Bible College, a room was available in the Kilimanjaro wing which means the rooms overlook the mountain!! Today we went downtown, once we got out of bed, and then have been relaxing this afternoon. The battery on my watch needed to be replaced; we were sent to a store "just a few meters away" and about 45 minutes later and at least two miles, we finally found it!! *Bev says it was not that far but I think it was!! While we were stopped at a curio shop/restaurant combination, a tour group came by from Norway. We visited with the tour guide; he has climbed Mt. K. 52 times!!! Yes, Bret, when we look at the mountain each morning on the way to school, I do indeed have some memories of being up there. . . and I'm not interested in repeating them!! We have been listening to BBC and VOA--where we hear scores of soccer games between Egypt and Sudan or Tanzania and Cameroon!! We sent a message to the church last Wednesday and they said "it might get sent by Monday--if the phone is working and if the phone bill has been paid." Likewise, we wrote a letter to Margaret Ann, and when we said something about mailing it, it was as if this was an odd request "but someone was going to a nearby town at some point, and maybe they could mail it." We'll be curious to know when and if it is received!! Everyone has been mentioning the cold weather. We are quite content with the comfortable weather at the school; meanwhile here in Moshi it is warmer as we are at a much lower altitude. IF I have it correct, the Bible School is at about 7,000 feet so that is nice. Things are generally going well at the school. The challenge is to keep the electricity and the water going! It seems if one is on, the other is off . . . and sometimes both. We were without water for two days so someone mysteriously brought buckets to our guesthouse and our housekeeper managed to boil water and put meals on the table!! We are going to a Deacon Consecration at some area church tomorrow. A driver is to pick us up here at the hotel at 7:30. The service begins at 9 and there is a luncheon afterwards so we are anticipating a 3-hour service!! Kristin called last Sunday evening. The voice was very broken but we managed to catch most of what she said. Kristin, we were certainly pleased and impressed with the blog on Kouper. He looks FAT in that one picture!! We are so thankful to hear all the good, positive news. If we didn't know better, the picture with the "plug" in his eye makes him look totally normal . . . it looks like a regular eye in the picture but from what you describe it is more of a wedge extension. At any rate, keep us posted. I told Mom this morning, when we were sitting on our balcony, that things would be perfect if we just had Kouper here to hold for a few minutes!! Love Mom and Dad

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