Tuesday, January 15, 2008


Well I guess my mommy and daddy are right, I am a piggy! I went to the cardiologist yesterday and I weigh 11 lbs. 14 ozs.! That's almost double my birth weight! But I know what I'm doing because Dr. Patel (he is soooo nice!!) said that if I wasn't growing so well that he would be concerned so relax mom and dad, I've got it all under control! I already have a double chin and I'm kinda gettin' what my dad calls man boobs! But no worries I'll be stretching out before you know it! Do you see my big brother up there? I'm trying to grow fast so we can wrestle! Mommy and daddy say that I'm already growing too fast... but I can't help it ... there is fun to be had! Ohh and my brother is getting to be a pro at making me not cry... I love him!

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