Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Too cute not to share!

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natalie said...

wow kristin! thanks for reading! it's great to hear from you! i do hope we can get together. we occasionally all get together and i'll be sure to invite you so we can all connect again.

i've read your blog from cover to cover. thanks for sharing kouper's story. i especially love that it's written from him. too cute!

no doubt, God choose you to be his mommy for all the right reasons. he's an adorable little guy and i love your attitude on his ailments. i'm elated to see that he's a typical little guy, despite his bumps in the road. he looks like a little love bug! geez...i never thought i'd even have a baby, much less be in total love with one!

stay in touch and many blessings to your growing, beautiful family!

you look great, by the way!